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You Can Own a True Rockstar Guitar – Check it Out!

My dad loved music and could play a number of musical instruments, all self-learned. I found it a bit irritating, even as a child, that he believed that each one of his three children had the same musical talent he was born with. On my 9th birthday, he presented me with an Ibanez guitar, saying ‘Son, this is one of the best guitars you can get… a guitar is an integral part of most music styles, see what you can do with this one’.

I quickly discovered that this guitar was excellent for getting a bunch of great sounds out of. One thing I had inherited from my dad was passion, and with rock n’ roll fantasies swirling in my head, I was determined to one day own a true rockstar guitar and become famous. I wasn’t just addicted to a dream, I wanted to make things happen and become a successful performing musician.

Get Comfortable with your Guitar

If you are looking for rockstar guitars like me, you’ll notice that there are differences in the wood and pickups, for instance and that is why it is important to find the guitar that works for you. Many true rock stars have a number of guitars, but they keep coming back to one favorite – the one that feels right for them. There are some real rockstar guitars to choose from, so let’s just take a look at one or two of them.

  • The red Rockstar Guitar is absolutely a must for young children to start playing guitar. When the child presses the fret-board buttons, a host of tunes and sounds can be listened to. With 8 fret-board buttons as well as 3 rhythms and a demo dial complete with a swing bar for even more sound effects, this cool electric Rockstar guitar even comes with glasses with a built-in hands-free mic so that a child is able to sing and play at the same time. How I wish I had been handed something like this as a child. This is a fantastic gift for any child just dying to become a rock star and perhaps get their own band going. Your budding musician will be able to experiment with the guitar’s different sounds and take the first step towards becoming a pop star.
  • I got the Quicksilver guitar. The Quicksilver team know that to be competitive, they had to use better wood, tighter neck joints, better pickups, offer more options and have better hardware for less money than other guitar brands. The Quicksilver guitar has features which other guitar companies haven’t dared to copy yet, such as 4 different ways to mount the neck and built in wireless and tuning system. Of course there is far more to this awe-inspiring guitar.

Learn to Play the Guitar – Like the Pro’s

When you own a true rockstar guitar, there are great online lessons on how to learn to play your rockstar guitar. I didn’t have these opportunities when I was a kid of 9, but I make use of them now to keep on improving. These fantastic online lessons are geared towards helping you learn to play quickly, and even after your first guitar lesson, you’ll be making sounds that are akin to the real thing.

With these lessons you are never too old or too young to learn and you’ll learn how tension affects the strings as well as all the names and functions of the rockstar guitar parts, and how they all work together to make those amazing sounds.

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