Why You Should Ride a Motorcycle

Motor cycles and their riders often get and unfairly bad press. Unlike cyclists who are considered to be wonderfully green, motorcyclists tend to have all the negative stereotypes thrown at them: reckless, misfits, troublemakers and so on.

In reality, a motorcyclist is no more likely to match any of those descriptions than a cyclist, car driver or pedestrian is. In fact, it can be argued that the drivers of cars and trucks are more likely to fit those descriptions, as they believe that the sheer size of their vehicle enables them to behave more carelessly on the roads – in a collision between a truck and a motorcycle its usually obvious who is going to end of worse off.

Dangerous folks

Part of the reason many people shy away from riding motorcycles is that it is perceived to be very dangerous. While there are, of course, dangers associated with riding a motorcycle – just as there are dangers associated with walking, riding a horse and driving a car – it’s nowhere near as bad as many think.

Motorcyclists who follow the rules of the road and have a little bit of experience under their belts, are not in grave danger every time they start the engine. If that was the case, or anything like it, riding motorcycles would be prohibited. The truth is that motorcycle accidents make better headlines than car accidents (of which there are many times more every day).

Learn to ride

To be clear, learn to ride properly, make sure your bike meets safety standards, follow the rules of the road, respect other road users, wear protective gear – especially a quality ‘brain bucket’ (find the most suitable one for you at Bikers Basics favorites) and remember to take it off when you enter a gas station; do all of these things and you eliminate all of the major risks associated with riding a motorcycle. Once you have done that, you can start to enjoy the advantages and benefits.

Out in the nature

Motorcycles are often associated with the open road, away from traffic and close to nature. This is, without a doubt, one of the best aspects of riding a motorbike – escaping the bustle and enjoying a long country ride on the weekends. It is, however, a somewhat inconvenient fact that most of us don’t actually live in the country. By far the majority of people live in cities and have to put up with traffic jams, busy roads, traffic lights and so on.

No parking problems nor traffic jams

Being able to slip easily past traffic jams is one good reason to own a motorbike in a city, but a more popular reason is that you can park it easily. At home, you don’t require a garage  – quite often people park it around the side of their home, under a tree, in the porch, and sometimes in the lobby.

If you live in the heart of a big city, space to store a car is going to be expensive, whereas the space to store a bike might not cost anything at all. Similarly, when you arrive at your destination, you don’t need to drive around in ever-increasing circles to find a parking spot, ending up parking a mile away from where you want to go and paying a fortune for it.

For motorcyclists, it’s often very easy to find a spot. You can fit three or four motorcycles in one car parking spot. Quite often you’ll find somewhere you don’t even need to pay. Life is easier when you eliminate such concerns.

In conclusion

Not only do you save your hard-earned money by not needing to pay for parking spaces (and fines), motorbikes also give better gas mileage, cost less to buy, cost less to repair and cost less to insure. Think of all the things you could be doing with the money that you save when riding a motorcycle!

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