Unique Ways to Earn Cash

Unique Ways to Earn Extra Cash

If you’re looking for new ways to make money, but get bored by the way most people do it, here are a few unconventional ways to try:

Show Up At Auctions

There are some states that have a law that states that your property can be sold at an auction if the property taxes aren’t paid, so to capitalize on this misfortune, you should get your name put on the county clerk’s mailing list, show up at the location of the sale, whether it be the courthouse or the property itself, and register for a bidding number. You’ll need some start-up money to do this, of course, but suppose you get the house for $20,000, then turn around and resell it for $60,000. It’s easy to get started, just ring up your county clerk and ask about getting put on his or her list. You may be the next real estate mini tycoon in your own hometown.

Dumpster Diver to the Stars

Don’t be afraid to dumpster dive, especially when it comes to celebrities. If you’re young enough and spry enough to climb into a dumpster, or even sort through the garbage on a curb, then don’t just go through anyone’s trash. You want the most bang for your buck, so why not troll through a celebrity’s refuse? If you live in an area where celebrities live, or can easily get to one, then you may find treasures beyond your wildest imagination.

Stars throw away stuff too, but what they throw away could bring you some big bucks. What if they toss out old baby pictures, or postcards from another celebrity, clothes, or personal letters? You could be mining for celebrity gold, and could be selling it on eBay the same day. Not only would you have collectibles on your hands, but you could also sell any juicy gossip items to celebrity magazines and get hundreds or thousands if the celebrity is big enough.

Be Wild About Wildflowers

Wildflowers are very pretty and not exactly blooming just anywhere, but if you know where to get them, you could make some extra cash by picking bunches, putting them in bouquets, then selling them at roadside stands. You could also sell them to florists, hospitals, nursing homes, or offices.  At 5 or 10 dollars each bouquet, you’d have cash quickly. This would be an ideal moneymaking opportunity for a teenager or kid.

An additional idea, if you’re artistic enough, is to create greeting cards with sketches or paintings of wildflowers on them to offer in addition to the flowers. Leave the cards blank on purpose, so that the customers can write their own message inside. Or you can make greeting cards out of photos of wildflowers. Or even sell potpourri bags packaged in small lace bags and tied with ribbon for a whimsical gift.

Para bouncing

You may never have heard of Para bouncing, but it’s a fun new recreational activity in the line of bungee jumping and indoor rock climbing, with its potential for fun and profit. Para bouncing is a ride that involves a huge rubber ball inflated with helium. The rider is fitted with a harness, attached to the balloon, and allowed to rise in the air while being tethered to the ground by a person providing supervision. If you charge $20 for a 10-minute ride, you’re on your way to making some fast cash.

The fun part is the ride. Riders bounce and rise high into the air, then gradually descend to the ground, and push off the ground for another bounce. With permission, you could set up at a fair, circus, or other festive event, or even in your own backyard. Take advantage of the craze that surrounds a new fad, and the sky’s the limit.

Be an ID Card Broker

Who needs ID cards and would pay to have them made? Church groups going on trips, school outings, people at family reunions, groups going on a cruise—all kinds of people. But here’s where you come in. There are sites that make the cards for you. All you have to do is take the orders from the groups, enter the information into the site, and the finished cards will be mailed to your home. Then all you have to do is dispense the cards to the appropriate people. At www.easyidcard.com, all of your questions can be answered. Of course to do this task you would need to be a trustworthy person, so always offer a background check on yourself.

Paint By Numbers

A quick way for some teenagers to make money is to paint house numbers on curbs in the neighborhoods. With stencils and reflective paint, it’s a low-cost operation. If you charge 5 or 10 dollars per house, it will add up quickly. Note of caution: Make sure you get permission before you spray for anyone. Also make sure you won’t be violating any city ordinances.

A related idea is to paint numbers on mailboxes for people in rural areas. Sometimes the numbers on mailboxes can become so weathered that the mail carrier can barely see them. If the homeowner is up for it, charge them $5 for doing this. It won’t be long before your teenager’s pockets are bulging from the extra cash.

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