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Turn Your Small Bathroom Into a Home Spa

After a hard day’s work, few things can be as relaxing as a visit to the spa. However, going to a spa isn’t
always convenient. There are days when the weather is just too chilly to step out, for example. Regular
spa visits can also turn out to be quite costly.

So why not create your own home spa? With a little bit of creativity, you can turn your little bathroom
into a cozy spa that will always be there whenever you need it. Below are a few ideas to get you started.

Add visual appeal

For maximum relaxation and enjoyment, your bathroom needs to look easy on the eye. If you’ve been
to a number of spas, you may have noticed that most have embraced a minimalist style. This “less is
more” approach can help make the room feel more spacious and comfortable to be in.

You can start with painting the bathroom walls with a nature-inspired earthy palette. Brown, green and
gray are all good choices as they have the potential to create a calming effect. If your bathroom is rather
small bathroom, you may want to opt for neutral colors such as light gray, light green, or beige. Such
colors don’t stand out too much, and can make the room feel more spacious.

Install dimming lights

Too much light can be a turn off when all you want to do is relax. If you like the idea of a warm, soothing
bath before going to bed, consider going for lights that come with a dimmer switch. This makes it
possible to soften the lighting in a spa-like fashion as you relax in the tub.

Clear clutter

Did you know that having a cluttered room can make you feel stressed? Your mind can hardly relax
when your space looks too disorganized. If you want to avoid the clutter-related stress, it’s important
that you take care of toiletry clutter.

If you have a small bathroom, finding enough storage space to hide your toiletries may prove to be a
challenge. But you can start with getting rid of the old or expired stuff you don’t use. This would free up
quite a bit of space for storing the stuff you actually use.

Install a massage shower head

While many homeowners believe that a soaking tub is essential to creating a spa-like experience,
chances are they don’t use it that much. For small bathrooms, a soaking tub can make the space feel
somewhat crowded. On the other hand, a massage shower head won’t occupy any extra space, and it’s
what you’ll probably use every day. Having both options would be nice, but if you have space concerns
or are on a budget, consider installing a fancy massage showerhead. Before purchasing such item, be
sure to check out their reviews on authority sites like Home Spa Select.

Use heated towels to warm up

You wouldn’t want to wrap yourself up in cold towels after a hot therapeutic bath or shower. Hot towels
will make you all comfy while ensuring that the body retains its heat. This is especially important in the
cold winter months. Consider installing towel-warming bars or drawers and you’ll be happy once you do.

Try aromatherapy

No spa is complete without a rich blend of aromatic scents. Aromatherapy is a well-known practice for
relaxing the mind and body as well as boosting moods and overall health. If you’re looking to sooth
yourself to sleep, for example, lavender and jasmine-scented lotions can work the magic.

For an even more sensual experience, scented candles will come in handy. These candles not only bur
with a charming smell, but their flames also set a warm, relaxing ambience for the room. If you tend to
be a little forgetful, consider having oil diffusers in place of the candles.

Use calming music

For most people, simply soaking in the tub for half an hour or more can feel quite boring. This is a good
number of them have a wall-mounted TV in the bathroom. A TV can keep you entertained, no doubt,
but will you be able to relax your mind? A better alternative for your spa is some soothing background
music. There are lots of meditation soundtracks available for free; get them and build a playlist that will
actually help you relax.

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