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Top 14 Lawn Mower Safety Tips

If you’re an expert in lawn mowing, you’d know better than anybody that a lawn mower is not some toy.
It’s a powerful machine that must be treated with respect and care, to prevent any potential injury to
you or bystanders when you’re mowing your lawn. As such, here are essential safety tips to remember
when using a lawn mower. Please come take a look over here at Lawn Mower Lane for a ton of more useful information.

Read manual

Yes, it may not be the most interesting read. Maybe you even don’t know where the manual is. Thanks
to the internet, however, practically every manual is available online. Get your machine’s model number
and search for its instructions on the internet. Spend some time reading the manual so you know how to
safely use your lawn mower.

Prepare the space

Winter tends to relocate rocks, large sticks, holiday decorations, and other matter on the lawn. Take a
quick walk around the lawn before mowing to see and remove everything that might be struck by your
lawn mower and hurled, potentially injuring you or bystanders.

Dress the part

Instead of sandals, wear the right footwear as it’s the safest choice to minimize foot injuries caused by
thrown items. Also wear long pants to shield your legs. Complete the outfit with eye and ear protection
to protect yourself in case of flying debris.

Ensure safe operation

Most professionals recommend that kids under 12 should not operate lawn mowers unsupervised. Kids
16 shouldn’t control a riding lawn mower. Do not carry passengers on your riding lawn mower as they
may fall off and be quickly run over.

Beware of burns

Many people are unaware of how much heat the exhaust and engine can produce. Burns can occur if
these hot surfaces come into contact with unprotected skin. Take care when fueling by ensuring there
aren’t hot surfaces or ignition sources like cigarettes that might ignite vapors or fuel.

Keep people away from running mowers

Not only can bystanders be struck by flying objects from a lawnmower, they also may be hit by the lawn
mower itself. This is particularly true for kids. There are usually lots of blind spots while using a lawn
mower. Be sure to keep kids and others out of harm’s way.

Handle with care

Keep your feet and hands away from the machine’s spinning blades. Also, this means that if you’re
moving on a hill or angle, you should take care to make sure the mower doesn’t tip so it slides and hits
your hands, feet, or anyone else.

Never put your fingers in the mower

This sounds obvious, but almost all lawn mower injuries happen when one tries to remove debris from
inside the lawn mower. Don’t do it. Power the mower off before trying to get rid of any debris. Even
then, use something like a sick to remove the debris.

Be wary of stored energy

Many motorized garden and lawn equipment can store energy in the drive compartment. Take note of
when your lawn mower jams and stalls suddenly, there still may be tension stored in the machine.

Trying to remove the debris can make the blades suddenly move again. That may be enough to seriously
injure fingers or anything that gets in the way.

Avoid the dark

Cut the grass only during the day. If you mow the lawn at night, you risk tripping, falling, and getting
hurt in the process.

Avoid alcohol

Some people may be tempted to have a beer before mowing the lawn. Operating a lawn mower is much
like driving a vehicle; you shouldn’t drink and drive. Stay safe and don’t drink when you’re mowing your

Maintain your lawn mower

Regular maintenance is vital for ensuring that your lawn mower runs for a long time and keeps you safe.
To avoid overeating and fires, thoroughly clean grass clippings and debris from the cutting system, small
engine, and muffler.

Push, don’t pull

By pushing a lawn mower around your garden, you determine where it goes. In addition, you’re certain
of walking facing forward, decreasing your risk of tripping and falling.

Avoid wet grass

Don’t cut wet grass. This is especially important when using an electric lawn mower. Remember that
water and electricity don’t mix. You’ll also decrease the chances of you slipping and getting injured in
the process.

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