Memory Foam Mattress Brands

The Best Memory Foam Mattress Brands

If you’re in the search for your first memory foam mattress, then you probably have no idea what to look for and what brand to buy. I myself was once completely hopeless during my own search, but with time and my very own research, I was able to gather information about the most popular and the most favored brands available in the market.

This memory foam mattress review article is not about my own personal experiences with these mattresses, but from online reviews, as well as ratings on legitimate shopping sites. However, I do have the Sleep Innovations Sure Temp memory foam mattress and my review on the brand will be based on my personal experience.

These brands are listed based on popularity, user ratings, performance, as well as quality features that include density, place of manufacture, as well as added features.

The 5 best brands, according to these mentioned factors are:

  • 4-inch-memory-foam-mattress-topperSignature Sleeps
  • Sleep Innovations
  • Tempurpedic
  • Serta iComfort
  • Amerisleep

Signature Sleeps

Although this brand offers spring mattresses manufactured in China, all of its memory foam mattresses and toppers are proudly produced in Los Angeles, California. It’s an important factor that memory foams are made in the US, Canada, or Europe, because they adhere to international standards and have less content of chemicals used.

foamHandSignature Sleeps is a great brand for those on a tight budget as their products are priced much lower than other more popular brands in the market. The reason for their lower price range is that they have less of the bells and whistles of other known brands. Their mattresses are simple and basic, and are also made in a manufacturing process that is certified eco-friendly.

The production process involved prevents the release of VOC’s (volatile organic compound) into the air, making this brand a great choice for environmentally-conscious individuals, and those who have sensitive allergies.

Sleep Innovations

pillow-stack-1This is the brand that I have and as I said, I have the SureTemp memory foam mattress. This brand is actually very popular among the budget-conscious as well, and leads the pack in terms of clinical testings.

Every single mattress of Sleep Innovations are clinically tested to help you feel rested and rejuvenated. Each of their mattresses contain premium materials that help to reduce uncomfortable pressure points, gently conforms to the contours of the body, and provides maximum therapeutic support.

I don’t have any joint pains or any physical complaints on my health but the mattress that I have is extremely comfortable and stimulates the feeling of being embraced. Sometimes, when all I want to do is just sit back and watch TV, I end up taking a nap or sleeping early at night – it does provide me with a really good night’s sleep.


Memory_Foam_MemoryThis brand is the pioneer of memory foam mattresses. Founded in 1992 in Kentucky, USA, Tempurpedic used the very technology used by NASA to create their very own line of memory foam mattresses. In the beginning, their mattresses were so expensive that only a select few had the capacity to actually own one.

As memory foam became more and more popular and mainstream, the brand eventually offered products that are priced in the mid level. Though the brand still offers their luxurious line of expensive memory mattresses, it’s great to know that you can actually have a Tempurpedic mattress in a price that won’t break the bank.

The brand is most notable for its durability and longevity as users who’ve owned their mattresses report to using the product for over 10 years.

Serta iComfort

Memory-FoamThis brand is a mid-level memory foam brand known for its motion isolation, pain relief, and proper comfort features. Though the company has been around since 1933, and dubbed as the largest US mattress maker, their line of memory mattresses has only been recently launched in the market.

In terms of durability, no reports can be found as of it yet since the brand’s memory foam line of products is relatively new.


oriz1-memory-foam-improntaDubbed as the most eco-friendly memory mattress brand, Amerisleep offers plant-based memory foam mattresses that are noted for their eco-friendly features.

Because plant-based materials are used, the foam are generally more open-celled and responsive, which makes them more breathable and suitable for areas of warmer climates. If you don’t like the feeling of getting stuck in bed, this is the brand for you.

Its only disadvantage is that the foam may easily break down due to the natural decomposition of the plant-based materials.


If you take a look at many memory foam mattress reviews online, you will be bombarded with different names of different brands that it can be too overwhelming to actually know which brands offer the best quality at the best price points. I chose Sleep Innovations mainly due to the price but also with the fact that they use clinical testing to provide proof of their quality and durability. I may not have any back pains today but when I do, I’ll surely be happy to be lying down on my ultra soft and supportive memory mattress.

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