Vinyl Records

How to Start a Vinyl Records Collection

Vinyl records have soared in popularity in recent years as more and more music is made available in the
format. And the experience of listening to a vinyl record is the main force behind this trend. In fact many
people find the entire experience of collecting, playing, maintaining and exchanging vinyl records quite

If you’re interested in collecting and taking care of vinyl records, then get ready for a fun ride. Just know
that your music tests may change or develop based on some of the old records you discover. Here are
some tips to help you get started on your vinyl journey:


You’re obviously going to need a turntable for playing your vinyl records. There’s quite a variety on the
market, with prices ranging from under a hundred dollars to a thousand and beyond. You can definitely
find a quality turntable in the $100 to $300 range if you know what to look for. Checking out reviews can
help you find a really good deal.

You’ll also need to invest in good speakers. Consider going for active speakers, which have are smaller
than the large traditional speakers are expensive and take up a lot of space. These speakers offer great
audio quality at affordable prices, and are quite popular because they’re easy to handle. With sound,
there’s a wide range of possibilities depending on your preferences.

Why buy old vinyl records?

First things first: why should you buy old records? There’s little doubt that vinyl records are an intimate
form of entertainment. Many people enjoy the process of setting up their music on the turntable, as
well as the warmth of the sounds, which feels quite different from listening to digital music formats. Old
vinyl records can make you feel nostalgic, transporting you back to the days when life was much simpler.

Purchasing records

For your music collection, you’ll want a good mix of the old and the new. Old records are generally much
cheaper than new records, but those that are difficult to find can cost more. Some may have lost their
sound quality due to aging and/or poor handling. New records, on the other hand are guaranteed to be
in excellent condition, and may sound better as they’re made of higher-quality material. They are,
however, not deemed as valuable as their old counterparts.

There are a number of places where you can buy vinyl records. Music stores are great as they usually
have knowledgeable employees who also happen to be lovers of music. They can provide you with some
really good suggestions. If you prefer buying your music online, there are a number of reputable online
sites that stock a wide collection of both old and new records. Some of them offer phone and chat
support to help you with your music selection.

Vinyl records must be handled and stored with care if they’re to last. However, not everybody selling
their old music collection will have taken care of their records. When purchasing an old vinyl record,
therefore, be sure to know about its condition. Reputable online sellers usually indicate the condition an
album is in so you know exactly what you’re getting. This helps you avoid the disappointments
associated with buying old broken records.

List favorite bands

A list can come in handy when planning for your collection. So make a list of your favorite bands or
singers before you go on a shopping spree. A good number of bands sell their vinyl records both on their
website and at live shows. The records sold at concerts might be difficult to obtain elsewhere.
Take care of your records

While building your own vinyl collection can be lots of fun, you also need to know how to take care of it.
There’s plenty of advice on the internet on taking care of vinyl records, so we’ll not go into that here.
Just make sure you have ample storage room for storing the records vertically. Stacking them on top of
each other will actually cause damage. You’ll also need to know how to clean the records and repair dirt
related damages. Keep in mind that a good collection of vinyl records is potentially worth a lot more
money than your original investment.

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