Smart Home Automation Technology

Smart Home Automation Technology Will Change our Lifes

The Internet of Things otherwise referred as IoT will change our lives both at home and work. In the
home automation industry, products promising to connect our homes and make our lives easier are
innovated daily. In the future, it will be possible to run and control a majority of your household
appliances, and systems remotely using a smartphone. Imagine being able to use your smartphone to
instruct the thermostat to lower your home’s temperature during the summer, isn’t that cool? The
following article gives an overview on how the home automation space is shaping up moving into the
future and the advantages of having smart home devices.

Rising smart home device sales

Various studies show that smart home device sales are increasing at a steady rate. Looking at the
numbers, over 80 million devices were shipped in 2016, and the number is expected to hit 200 million
by 2020. Some of the smart appliances shipped include washers, refrigerators, air conditioners, home
security systems, smart thermostats, smart lighting equipment, etc. But what is driving the sales of
smart home devices? In order to answer such a question you have to understand how these technology
benefits homeowners.

Benefits of smart home devices

Comfort and convenience

As mentioned earlier, the Internet of things will completely transform how we live and work. Our lives at
home will be easier, convenient, and comfortable considering that we will have the ability to control
many devices from a single standpoint. For example, homeowners will be able to control connected
devices like home security systems, air conditioner or home lighting system using a smartphone.


The IOT technology promises to bring more power into our lives. In the future people will have the
ability to control plenty of activity in the home via the smartphone. For example, you can control your
home’s temperature, lighting, security, etc.


Safety is a primary concern in most homes. Advanced security systems using IoT technology will
undoubtedly improve safety around our home. Being able to control our security situation remotely, or
from our smartphones is an idea most homeowners relish.
Reduce energy costs and conserve energy

The smartphone concept is an idea whose time has come. Aside from making life easier, this technology
has the potential to cut energy costs and save energy in most homes. For example, being able to turn
devices on and off at any time gives homeowners a lot of power when it comes to managing their
electricity bills.

Notable smart home devices

Lots of smart home devices are already being used in our homes. One of the pioneer devices in this
space is the Amazon Echo. The tool works as a central station for your smart home appliances and
comes with a voice-enabled assistant, Alexa. Nest, another smart home device company, has launched
an intelligent thermostat that can automatically adjust your home’s temperature depending on your
location. The device uses a powerful sensor to calculate your home’s temperature regardless of your

In home security space, August Smart Lock is a powerful device that can enhance your safety. The device
is easy to use and is integrated with Apple’s Siri to make things even simpler. Lifx Color 1000 is another
popular home lighting device that can change the color of your bulb when necessary.

Leading companies in the smart home market

The leading companies in the home automation space aren’t new to the average person. Tech giants
such as Amazon, Google, and Apple are leading the industry as of now. Other companies in the IOT
space that one cannot ignore include Canary, Iris, Homeseer, Ecobee, Simplsafe, MyFox, Petcube, Latch,
Samsung, etc.

Future predictions

The smart home device prices will come down moving into the future. Currently, more and more
consumers understand the benefit of home automation. Experts predict that smart homes will
eventually give rise to smart cities, something that will take this type of technology to another level.

If you are looking to be part of the Smart Future, then it is important educate yourself about all the
home automation products being invented each day. Subscribing to sites that review and talk about
these types of products is highly recommended.

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