Wedding Moments To Capture on Camera

Perfect Wedding Moments To Capture on Camera

A wedding day is more than putting a ring on the finger, it’s more of the experience you have. This is the time when your loved ones come together to witness this auspicious day. One person understands what happens right from the start to the end – the wedding photographer. His task is to capture the most special moments of this day.

Teary eyes, first kisses, perfect vows, cute dances and bites of sweet cake are just a few moments that have stood out in any photographer’s life. While it is such a tall order, some moments stand out in any wedding. Let’s go!

Moment with Mom

That teary moment when the bride has that last private moment with mum – priceless. If you will get dressed in mom’s dressing room, the better. So peaceful and serene, ideal for the perfect shot. Capturing that beautiful moment is all that matters at that time.

The Groom

Well, the groom is often overlooked when it comes to wedding photography. However, the photographer can catch some priceless moments when the groom is with his buddies preparing for the day.

That Teary Look

Standing before the clergyman, looking into each other’s eyes most often brings tears. The moment packs a lot of emotions and brings out the real feelings and beauty between the couple. This moment makes for the perfect shot.


The speeches will be priceless, and the speakers will recount so much about the couple. As the speaker recounts some of the memories, a lot of emotions will go through the faces of the couple. These emotions make for perfect shots. A good photographer won’t miss such an opportunity.

Brides plus Maids Shoot

There is nothing as happy as the bride being surrounded by her bridesmaids in a photoshoot. The bride won’t mask the happiness and contentment she will feel during this moment. Capture it and a memento is made.

The First Dance

Holding each other as newlyweds, having the floor to themselves, with friend colleagues and everyone that matters cheering you on. Nothing will stop you from looking into each other’s eyes, communicating real emotion and happiness. What better moment than this one to highlight the day you became hitched? The wedding photographer in Asheville NC knows such priceless moments and won’t let them pass by unnoticed.

The Mega Exist

So many emotions run throughout the day. While you might think that these are the most important ones of the day, you also need to consider the exit. The final few minutes represent the height of jubilation the couple feels. The exit shots usually have some big smiles signifying an end of a successful day. The exit shot brings out all these.

Final Words

In wedding photography, the shots matter a lot. You need to end up with the best shots that show the different emotions running through your face. The right photographer knows these moments and will capture them as they come. Flexibility is also an art, with the photographer taking shots depending on their value.

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