New Age Technology for Treadmills

Everyone knows that subscriptions to gyms can often be on the expensive side. Sometimes being seen in spandex can feel a little intimidating when working out next door to Mr Muscles. More often than not, fitness can be a personal matter for some that require in the home workout sessions.

This is why home workout equipment has become so popular

Treadmills alone are popular in the realm of workout machinery, allowing for all levels of speed from walking to sprinting and anywhere in between. Mostly, you will find them parked in front of the TV in someone’s home, because let’s face it; running on the spot can become quite boring when the scenery never changes.

Yes, running outside has its benefits, the fresh air, the delights of the world around us, the changing of the weather, the cold rain, and the blistering heat. Sometimes running indoors is the better option when trying to keep fit.

Treadmills have come into the new world era with their top-notch treads, cogs, and buttons. Some are better than others, but most of the time, they are all found in one room of the house, and that’s usually the living room.

There is one new treadmill that has been manufactured to allow all running enthusiasts to store it anywhere in the home, and not make it part of the living room furniture. There is a certain feature that really sets this particular treadmill light years apart from your average machine. Not only is it a treadmill, it is also a home entertainment unit that can be used while working up a sweat.

So what is this treadmill that is light years ahead of the rest?

It is called the Schwinn 830 and comes with many bells and whistles. To begin with, it has many different workout programs to choose from, so anyone at any level of fitness can use this. That’s a nice start. To make things entertaining while burning off the unwanted fatty bits, music can be pumped from its high-quality sound system.

Any smartphone or MP3 player can be plugged into the treadmill, so bye bye to those boring workouts staring at the wall, or some lame show on TV, and hello to new age treadmill technology. What’s more, there is a built-in charger for all smartphones, so no need for extra wires getting in the way.

Not only is this treadmill the life of the workout party, it also monitors the heart rate as you work out. It has been manufactured with all the latest and greatest technology to give the most rewarding, comfortable workout ever known to man.

These are just a few of the features of this new age contraption just to perk an interest for all fitness fanatics out there. Take a look at this post for a full description of this magnificent machine, and prepare to be wowed. Be prepared to never look at another treadmill in the same light ever again.

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