Selling My Childhood Home

Making a Move: Selling My Childhood Home

Many of the people reading this will have some sort of childhood home that they’re going to tell all of their grandchildren about, and some of them may even be seriously consider making that move. You know the one I’m talking about, it includes listing your childhood home for sale on the real estate market!

My moving experience

It can be tough to let things that you’ve cherished for so long go, but I did it, and I’m going to share my experience with anybody that cares enough to listen. Me and my three brothers grew up in the middle of nowhere (or at least, that’s what it felt like). There’s a small city called “Rockwood” in Canada, it’s in Ontario to be more specific.

I have a home there (well, had a home) that I grew up in, and my brothers were there as well. They’re all around my age, but none of them are the exact same – the eldest is 25, the other is 22 and the youngest one would be 12. The 12 year old was a late addition to the family, but since my parents had already moved and let me stay in our childhood home, he didn’t really get to experience the house like we did.

Mowing the grass – old memories

We tell him stories all of the time (much like the ones about my dad making my brothers mow the lawn religiously, the lawnmower we used wasn’t even close to being good – nowadays you can just look at all kind of websites for a reliable one!), but he doesn’t really get the picture.

I knew that there was going to be a point in my life where I finally decided to sell the house, and that day had finally come. It’s no easy task, especially since there is a lot of emotional attachment being sold alongside the property; it’s something I’ve just got to work through.

My brothers weren’t too keen on the idea either, but we’re splitting the money three ways, and all of us could really use the cash right now. Personally, I plan on taking my wife to a few different places around the world – we’ve been talking about traveling for a very long time now!

I want to check out Paris first, but she’s more set on Belize; both of them will come in due time, though. Enough about my vacation plans, let’s talk about some of the shenanigans we used to get into!

My Brothers and I

My brothers were always there to protect me when it was necessary, but they weren’t afraid to let a lesson or two get thrown my way. If I did something and deserved the consequences, they would let nature work its magic.

The perfect example would be when I spilled a bottle of oil in the garage and tried to hide it, only get busted by the black hand prints I left on my bedroom door.

Good times were had, but the house was a very solid reminder that I had a strong bond with all of my brothers.

The youngest one (who’s name is Jerry) was only a baby when most of my fondest memories took place, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a large part of this house.

It’s a good thing he’s young, because splitting the profit we get from this house four different ways just wouldn’t scratch my itch (call it greedy, I don’t care!).

You don’t just sell your childhood home for no reason, me and all of my brothers had moved on. Thomas (who is the oldest) was busy raising his family and working, he had already been looking into purchasing a house of his own (he’s currently renting).

My other brother, Craig, didn’t mind selling the house either. He simply said that “all of the memories are in our head, what do we need the house for?”. It always helps to have a physical reference to all of your favorite memories, but I understood where they were coming from.

The Sale

A couple approached me and asked how much the house was going to cost, and it seemed as if their faces brightened when I told them. Everything fell into place, and it felt like destiny to some extent. The wife was pregnant and the husband had just landed a job in the community, so it was almost like me and my brothers were helping they start up their new family.

I felt like that was the final memory I could leave myself with, especially since the house had treated me so well all of these years. It was time for somebody else to enjoy the house, for their own benefit!

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