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Kitchen Blenders that Juice – The Lowdown

I have used my smoothie maker so much that it just gave up and keeled over! I decided to buy another but as I intended to eat even healthier I wondered whether a juicer might be more robust for my new dietary requirements. Having looked into what was on the market and my intended frequency of use, estimated at approximately once a day, juicers worked out really expensive.

Juicers can be thousands of pounds and I couldn’t really justify that and to be honest I was really happy with my blender that juiced, I just needed something slightly more robust without forking out for a full on juicer. There are many different types of blender/juicer, counter or stand, cocktail, smoothie and heavy duty blenders. I need a blender that can cope with green smoothies, a mixture of fruit, vegetables and blending ice. I need something sturdy but inexpensive.

Counter Top or Stand Blender

This was the one I first looked at and it is the closest to my old machine. This type usually comes with attachments and can be used for blending sauces (great for curry sauces etc.) and come with special attachments for you to juice and make smoothies. Usually dishwasher friendly too as juicing can become quite messy and because there are many variations on the market usually reasonably inexpensive.

Cocktail Blenders

For making the obvious…cocktails…and can blend ice too, make smoothies, usually without changing the blades. The blades are usually quite short so maybe not so suited to heavy duty juicing with dense vegetables but could handle softer fruit if that is your thing. On the upside the jugs are usually large so you can make some very big cocktails with these, lol.

Smoothie Makers

These are usually the most simple and cheapest of these machines, some are versatile so you can juice with them, the ones I looked at seemed quite complicated if you want to change the blades and attachments but on the whole they are made for fruit smoothies and the blades are short, so they could handle a small amount of ice and soft fruit but if you want to vary your smoothies with some vegetables then I really wouldn’t recommend this type of machine.

As I always have a mixture of fruit and vegetables, I needed something more robust without the huge price tag so opted for a mid range (£120) Counter Top Blender with a juicer attachment. This means I can have my favourite green juice without blowing the machine up. I have added my  favourite recipe below, it is so good for you and always makes my skin glow:

  • 1 x stick of celery
  • 1 x teaspoon of wheatgrass
  • Half an Avocado
  • 2 x Leaves of a Babygem Lettuce
  • Handful of baby spinach
  • 1 x banana
  • 1 x Green Apple

Add water as you see fit, everyone has a different preference as to how thick they would like this.

Lastly, enjoy, these beauties are delicious!

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