How To Make Your Office Move Swift

How To Make Your Office Move Swift

You may have heard of big firms that started somewhere in a garage or even a shackle but are now a force to reckon in the business world.  Sometimes change is inevitable, and you may be in the process of moving your office to a new location. Some of the reasons for this move may include expansion of your company, eviction notice from your landlord or even relocation to a new area. Moving from your current office might not be that simple as you have furniture and other installations. The following are some essential tips to make your move swift

Plan early

Moving from an office is not a decision that you make overnight and execute the following day. In most cases, you have to issue your landlord with about 3-6 months’ notice that you want to vacate the premise. You have to plan your next move and search for the perfect location to settle once you leave your present one. Make the booking of the new location early and ensure that you get a contract to avoid inconveniences. Involve your members of staff in making this decision as this strengthens the bond and make you a family.

Alert your customers in advance

If you engage in the sale of physical products or offer services and customers come to visit your office, then you have to let them know that you are moving. There are many approaches such as having a sign on your door, waiting bay or even inside the office. You can even email or text the customers in the database of your intended move. The kind of approach that you will take will depend on the distance between your current office and the new location. You may lose some customers in the process, but others will always stick with you.

Select a good moving company

There are a lot of removal companies out there claiming that they will offer to help you with the shifting. Some of the factors to consider when selecting one include your budget, experience, and distance. It is always advisable to choose one near you as such a company understands the terrain and local laws well. The move should make it possible to set up your new office up and running within a short period. The ideal company should have a clear fees plan with no hidden charges. You should also check whether the company is licensed to carry out such tasks.

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