Gas Vs Electric Chainsaws

Gas Vs Electric Chainsaws: Making the Ultimate Choice

Whether you are a woodworker or a homeowner, having a chainsaw in your inventory is a bonus. There are many reasons why you should own one. These tools come in a variety of sizes and shapes and come classified based on the motor or the length of the guide bar.

A visit to the store will present you with a world of chainsaw brands, sizes, and models, making it an uphill task choosing the perfect one for your needs. Using the wrong chainsaw might lead to unnecessary injuries, poor results and damage to the tool. Above all, you will have a tool that you won’t use the way you expected, meaning you end up wasting a lot of time on maintenance and time.

Fear not, after reading this article you get to understand the common scenarios that require chainsaws, and the two most common types of chainsaws – electric and gas. You get to know which one to buy for what purpose.

Use Case Scenarios for Chainsaws

Scenario 1

Let’s say you have a large garden dotted with trees, or you have just purchased a home and it comes with a lot of trees in the garden. While trimmers and lawnmowers are ideal for trimming the grass and shrubs, it is virtually impossible to cut down or trim the tree using these tools.

As trees grow bigger, they pose a threat to your family and property. The branches can snap under load or during harsh winds and damage property or injure someone. It is best to cut down the entire tree or at least trim the branches before this happens.

You don’t need a huge and powerful chainsaw like the one used by professional lumbering companies, all you need is a small and lightweight chainsaw for clipping the branches.

Scenario 2

You are renovating the backyard and you need some wood and lumber for the job. You find that you have trees in the home that have some branches you can use. Instead of heading to the timber yard a mile away, you can chop down some of the branches and use them in your project. You save money and time.

You might argue that you can do this using an axe. Well, it might be possible, but you end up using a lot of physical energy for such a small task. You also need a lot of patience and dedication. Using a chainsaw enables you to cut the branches ten times faster.

Scenario 3

Whenever a storm breaks, it brings down so many things including trees, roofs, sheds and more. You wake up one morning and a tree is blocking out the driveway. Do you wait for a professional company to remove it or do you whip out your chainsaw and cut it into pieces to clear the way?

Having the right chainsaw makes it easy for you to perform these tasks.

Gas-powered Chainsaws

These use gasoline and have a fuel tank next to the engine. The fuel tanks range from 0.3 to 0.47 liters in capacity. The run time of the chainsaw will depend on the tank size and the load. This chainsaw gives you a longer period on a full tank, giving you a longer runtime. The power allows you to perform various tasks.

These chainsaws are more powerful than their electric counterparts of the same size and weight. If your scenario involves dealing with thick logs or felling trees, this is the ideal tool.

The tool gives you complete mobility and you can operate it far from the power source. However, this tool is much heavier than its electric counterpart, making it hard to make precise cuts.

Corded electric

A corded electric chainsaw needs little to no maintenance. You need this for simple chopping tasks such as cutting through branches not more than 5 inches in thickness. Corded electric chainsaws don’t burn any fuel, therefore the emissions are minimum, making them ideal for the environment.

This type doesn’t use gas, it produces less sound during operation. It is typically lighter than the gas version, making it ideal for precise cuts. It is also easy to operate, only requiring a simple push-button or a pull-cord.

Cordless Electric

It is frustrating having a chainsaw that requires you to plug it into a power socket to work. Unless your garden is filled with electrical sockets, then you need a cordless electric.

You have to keep on charging this chainsaw, meaning you have to shuttle from the charging dock to the project area several times before you finish the task.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right chainsaw for your upcoming task can be a huge task. Once you have the scenario in mind, you can make the decision by visiting Chain Cutting and reading about specific models and safety measures. However, the final decision comes down to the power. You can choose between the gas-powered or the electric powered chainsaw. Each of these offers its own benefits and limitations. Choose wisely.

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