Confidence and Joy from Martial Arts

Gain Confidence and Joy by Working Out

I’ve never been great at sports, so I never considered myself athletic. However, when I was in my late thirties I began exercising consistently, and I was hooked.

At first, I simply wanted to get in shape so I could feel better and have more energy. I was tired of waking up with an aching back; and I didn’t like the body I saw in the mirror.

I didn’t want to be like the older people around me who constantly complained about how they looked or felt without doing anything to change it. They had accepted the pain in their bodies as normal. There had to be a better way.

I was also tired of the excuses I gave myself because it didn’t get me anywhere.

So, I did something about my unhappiness

I began working out, following a popular program that I could do from the comfort of my living room. The first few weeks felt like torture. The muscles I hadn’t used in years protested my efforts. Most days I crawled out of bed, convinced that there was no way I’d survive another workout.

But I did survive. I also started seeing changes that kept me going.

Changing my lifestyle seems so obvious, doesn’t it? Everyone knows that a healthy diet and more exercise will improve the quality of our lives. But why aren’t more people doing it?

In my case, I know that I was lazy, I lacked knowledge, and I didn’t have a strong enough reason to consistently do this.

You see, exercising only works if you do it in such a way that it’s sustainable. That’s why fad diets and such don’t work.

Exercising works even better when you combine it with other lifestyle changes. This is where eating nutrient rich foods comes in. Drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, and limiting the stress in your life also plays an important role.

While I did everything I could to be as healthy as possible, the changes weren’t immediate. It took at least three to six months before I was sure this lifestyle change was working.

The physical changes were wonderful

But do you know what was better? The changes inside of me brought me more joy and confidence.

As I continued on this journey, I discovered that the home workouts weren’t enough anymore. I yearned to surround myself with other people who were passionate about taking care of their health. I also wanted to learn other forms of exercise, such as boxing and martial arts.

I found a great place that had exactly what I was looking for. The people were friendly and professional. I appreciated the fact that the first class was free as well. Check out LFF if you’re looking to take your fitness to the next level or have an interest in combat sports.

The martial arts gave me more confidence and peace. As a small person, I especially enjoyed sparring with my partners and surprising them with my tenacity and spirit.

The more I learned about myself and my body’s capabilities, the more I realized that there’s always room for improvement. While there are plenty of wonderful side effects to living a healthy lifestyle, it’s okay to enjoy the journey too.

The human body is a marvelous thing. Never in a million years would I have ever thought I’d become comfortable in my own skin, that I would be proud of the person I’m allowing myself to be. I’ve struggled externally and internally, identifying the limits I’ve set and figuring out ways to get rid of them, but I love it all.

This change in me has sparked something most of my family and friends don’t understand. I’ve tried to share my knowledge with the others, but they look at me as if I’ve gone crazy. Perhaps they’re right.

But if crazy brings me this much joy and strength, I’ll keep at it

As positive as this experience has been for me, I’ll warn you that the people who supported you at first may not do so as you continue to improve. The moment they’re aware of their own insecurities or what they lack they’ll dislike what you represent: you’ll be a reminder to them that you’re doing something they’ve always wanted to do but can’t or won’t.

Hang on tight to those who come alongside of you, and let go of those who place obstacles in your path.

Being the best person you can be is lonely at times, but stay focused on the big picture.

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