Enjoying Sports as a Three Time Soccer Mom

Each year in the spring is when baseball and softball season kicks off. In our house, it is one of the most anticipated times throughout the year because our children are all players and lovers of the sport. There are several things that as a parent I was unprepared for when becoming a “soccer” or “sports” mom. One of those things was how quickly they would acquire their own independence.

My children love to play outside and enjoy playing all sports, but their love is for baseball and softball. My daughter, who is old enough to play softball as of last year, as began to look at the sport as a way to gain recognition and make her parents proud, and that she truly does. Our boys thought it best to play a few different sports before finally deciding that baseball was it.

Gathering after games

When any of the children have a game, we normally arrive early, but we are one of the last to leave. We will hang around the town if it is an away game and find a nice restaurant to meet the team at. This has been a tradition since my oldest started playing T-ball. We hung around the field after the game to speak to the parents and the players about where would be a great place to eat dinner. Most of the time we would allow the players to pick, unless they continued to choose the same location, then we adults would chime in with a different idea.

One night after a game, we ended up at a local breakfast restaurant. I love breakfast foods and so do my children so I knew that we were going to be a while. I had never been to this restaurant before so I had to thoroughly read through the menu to find exactly what I wanted. Some of the children were complexed by the amount of options that they had for a breakfast place, without serving lunch or dinner food items.

Once I had finished the menu I flipped it over to find this long list of toast and pancakes that they offered. This excited me because I love toast and pancakes very much. In fact, breakfast was my favorite meal of the day and I could eat it for every meal if given the choice. I ordered a special Texas toast with powdered sugar and strawberries that was brought out quickly, hot and ready to eat. It was beyond delicious.

Everyone had their bellies full and had done their fair share of talking and playing. It was time to head home for the night. We all parted ways with the other players and parents and began our journey home. On the way home, my youngest son tells us that he wants to go back to that town, if only to go to that restaurant one more time. I made a point to look for the closest restaurant that that chain had when we returned home.

Later on we decided it was time to get our own toaster oven and ran into The Bread Machine Store, a website that reviews and to surprise they had a model that looked pretty similar to the one I saw they used in the kitchen in our favorite restaurant.

The true meaning of sports

Winning a game is not a big deal. There will always be more games and more chances to win and lose. Everyone will lose at least one game in their lifetime. When a game is lost, the faith in the sport shouldn’t be as losing a game teaches players to be humble and respect the fact that everyone plays their best regardless of whether they were victorious. My children have done wonders for my faith in sports. There is a level of discipline and alertness that they must have with the sport and this same teachings are carried home even after the season is through.

When a child can come up to you and tell you, “It is okay mommy. We might have lost this one, but we will always be winners,” you know that you’re doing something right. Some parents lose track of what it means to be on a team. Instead they want their child to constantly be in the spotlight or believe that their child is being treated unfair when not in the spotlight. The spotlight should not shine on just one player, but the entire team and what they stand for, unity with one another and a love for baseball.

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