How to Buy Car Parts Online Without Getting Scammed

Just about everyone that is old enough to drive in today’s society owns a car. Research shows that nearly 1 in every 6 US citizens are employed by the automobile industry.

Now that could mean anything from being a car salesman, a service technician, working in manufacturing, or any other occupation. The point is, there is a ton of money in the automobile industry. Being a car owner means that you will eventually have to spend extra money on it in order to maintain it.

One of the biggest fields surrounding the automobile industry is the automobile repair and servicing industry. Whether it be a new windshield, new tires, other accessories, an oil change, or perhaps just getting a car wash. There are thousands of companies out there that want to sell you their product or service. And let’s face it, you need their products and services in order to make sure your vehicle is safe to drive.

So, how do you go about getting car parts online without getting scammed? Let’s go over some tips and advice you can use to become an online car parts shopping pro.

Do lots of research

There are two specific websites that people shopping for parts online should always visit before making a final decision. The first is, they offer a huge database of used car parts which will give you a good idea on prices. The second is Rowley Auto, these guys are pro’s and are an authority figure in the online car parts industry.

Verify Everything

Once you’ve found the part that you need at a price that you think is reasonable, call a dealership to confirm your part number! If you don’t confirm the part number, anything that happens after that is entirely your fault. You will come to understand that there’s a lot of parts that are unique to specific transmission and engine combos. And the parts that may be affected is quite long, such as computers, sensors, modules, and more basic parts like the starters.


It’s becoming more and more common for junkyards to match the lower price offered by another retailer, whether it be a local shop or an online car parts store. However, there are two important things to keep in mind when trying to bargain.

The first is to compare similar products. Don’t go to the junk yard trying to get them to match the price of their 30,000-mile engine with the price of a 100,000 dollar engine that you found somewhere else.

That won’t work, and honestly, it’s a little insulting. Second, when you start bargaining, make sure you know your stuff (you should already know your stuff if you did your research). The key here is, to be honest with whoever you are bargaining with. Don’t lie and say that you got quoted a lower price than you actually did. They have the same information as you and if you are caught in a lie they won’t do business.

Don’t trust craigslist

I’m sure we have all heard the horror stories of people getting scammed on craigslist. The risk of being scammed on Craigslist is significantly higher than going to a local junk yard, or purchasing through a trusted website retailer. Not to mention, anything bought on Craigslist is usually sold as is, meaning if it’s defective, it’s your problem. Most retailers will either exchange or repair any defective products, or they will provide a full refund.

Use coupons

Regardless if you buy car parts online, or at a local junk yard, it’s going to be expensive. Getting coupon codes for online car parts stores isn’t that difficult. A simple Google search will bring up tons of potential results. It’s not unheard of to up to half price on certain car parts using these coupons.

Always buy rare car parts in person

Some higher end car parts are really hard to come by and are not that hard to fake. By going to a location yourself and looking at the part in person eliminates a great deal of risk that the part is fake. So if you are going to buy a rare and unique part for your car, it’s best to go check it out in person.

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