Avoid These Common Snow Blower Buying Mistakes

Snow blowers provide efficient and rapid snow removal especially for people who live in snow prone areas. During the cold season, you do not have the energy nor the time to shovel snow out of your driveway.

Luckily, you can now get quality snow blowers as picked by Snow Shifts. However, with numerous options available, it can be confusing to determine the right one. In that confusion, a lot of people end up making numerous mistakes. Here are some mistakes you need to avoid when buying a snow blower

Buying a blower without sleet build up

Sometimes snow can gradually buildup and this can cause a problem. Before buying a blower, it’s critical to know what your area is prone to. If your area experiences snow levels below six inches. A 2-3 stage snow blower would be ideal. If it’s above, you should get a one stage blower. You can even get a powerful model suitable for small households.

Going for an expensive model

It doesn’t make sense spending money on the most expensive unit. What most people don’t know is that expensive doesn’t always mean quality. There are different snow blowers available for less than $250 and they have a decent rating among the various brands available.

Buying one that requires frequent oil changes

A car without an oil change easily breaks down. The same applies to snow blowers. You won’t be able to get rid of the snow if you bought a snow blow that needs oil changes. Instead, look for a snow blower that goes on an electric start and one that doesn’t need an oil change. Most electric snow throwers are ideal for walkways and mid-sized driveways. Moreover, they do not need oil or gas tune ups, making them easy to maintain and allows you to start them without much effort.

Picking one that is difficult to handle

Unfortunately, some models available in the market are complicated and hard to handle.  You need to pick something that you can comfortably use and one that has a cord locks that holds the extension cord in place.

Not suited for wet and heavy snow

Heavy and wet snow can clog the blower and make it dysfunctional or even cause it to breakdown. If you live in a place prone to heavy snow, do not buy a lightweight snowblower. Go for a heavyweight snowblower that is able to handle any terrain. The only disadvantage with such a blower is that it can be used in a small area. You need to have at least a 45-inch wide clearing path.

Going for the biggest snow blower

Purchasing the biggest snow blower could end up being problematic especially if you have a small backyard. Before committing to any purchase, first determine the size and the clearing path you intend to use the snow blower. You can get a small snow thrower that has a clearing path of 16-inches.  This snow thrower will do the job perfectly if you own a mid-sized yard.

Getting the smallest snow thrower

Conversely, some people opt for the smallest snow blower and this can prove ineffective if you own a huge parking lot or a yard.

Failing to read reviews

A snow blower is a huge investment that you cannot afford to overlook. It’s important to read different reviews before investing in one. Reviews can tell you how durable a certain product is, how easy it is to maneuver a snow thrower, and if a particular model experiences any problems. Once you’ve read the reviews, you can be able to buy an efficient, yet durable snow blower.

Not considering the steepness of the terrain

People with leveled terrain can decide which model best suits the size of their driveway and how much snow falls during winter. This cannot be said for people with a steep terrain. If you live in an area that is steep, buy a three-stage gas snow thrower as it can handle this type of terrain well.

Ignoring the size of the driveway

A lot of people will just walk into a store and get the fanciest snow thrower and head home. Once they get home, they realize that, they were meant to get a different one that fits their driveway size and length. For a driveway that’s no more than fifty feet and a sideway that measures up to 150 Ft., a single stage gas snow blower with a five horsepower engine would be a good choice.

Finding the right snow thrower requires research and advice from the experts Read reviews online and visit different stores to learn more about the options available.

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