9 Ways You Can Extend the Life of Your iPad

You’ve got no choice but to take proper care of your iPad if you want to get the most out of your device.
Otherwise, be prepared to take a bite financially in repair or replacement costs for failing to safeguard
your machine with proper care measures. The following article highlights nine care tips that you should
consider if you want to extend the life of your device.

Put your iPad in a secure place always

Whether at home or work, never leave your iPad lying around, especially if there are kids around. If you
give them a little room to play with your device, then don’t be surprised when your iPad falls and
breaks. Always keep your iPad in a secure location that children cannot reach. If you don’t do so, then be
prepared to spend money on a new replacement or for repair.

Buy a screen protector

You have no choice but to invest in screen protector if you want your iPad to last longer. Most glass
screens are fragile and will be crack or break should your device fall. Owning an iPad with ugly scratches
and marks is not something to be proud about. There are plenty of quality sites offering advice on how
to choose the right screen protector. For instance, check out articles by iThingum if you want to find lots
of useful advice on buying iPad accessories.

Protect your iPad battery

Your device can perform optimally without a charger if you protect your battery from day one. Many
people do not know that they can extend the life of their iPad batteries by performing a few hacks here
and there. Some of the things one can do to extend their battery life include reducing brightness,
turning off Bluetooth, turning off 3G networks when not using the internet, using battery saver apps,
etc. Remember charging your machine all the time not only reduces battery power but also destroys the
battery completely.

Perform software updates

Performing regular software updates can prolong the life of your Updates. Most people ignore updates
because they seem like an inconvenience, but they are necessary if you want your machine to give you
top service for a long time. If you do not update your iPad software often, then be prepared for constant
glitches and interruptions.

Clean your machine regularly

You should clean your iPad regularly to keep dust, dirt and germs away. Also, if your iPad screen is dirty,
then you won’t enjoy using it whether you are browsing, playing a game or creating a document. Ensure
that your machine is unplugged and turned off when you start the cleaning process.

Set password

Setting a passcode ensures that you are the only one who can access documents or any applications
inside your machine. If your computer does not have a password, then there is a big likelihood of people
accessing information from your device without your authorization.

Back up your data

Backing up your data is highly recommended because no matter how much effort you put into taking
care of your machine, your iPad can malfunction without any warning. You can only safeguard all the
files inside your computer by backing them up in other locations like on cloud or on a physical storage

Use special bag to carry your iPad

When travelling or commuting, make sure that you carry your machine using a bag meant for the
purpose. Such bags protect your iPad from getting damaged when moving or traveling. The good thing
about such bags is that they come in a variety of designs, so finding those that match your style and
personality should not be a problem. But the best shopping advice for anyone looking to purchase the
bags is to check out several review websites online.

Use a case

Cases protect your iPad from getting damaged when it falls. However, an iPad case doesn’t have to
cover your entire machine like an old phone case. Most of the cases available are simple yet
aesthetically beautiful, but most importantly they offer your gadget enough protection.
Use the tips mentioned above to keep your iPad safe and save money. After all, it is quite costly to
repair or replace your device.

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