Awesome Vacuum Attachments

5 Awesome Vacuum Attachments

At their core, vacuums are tremendous machines that allow you to properly clean your carpets and floors. However, much like anything in the world today, they don’t stop at their core. Oftentimes, the best aspects to vacuums are all of the attachments that you can use with them. Trust me when I tell you that this goes far beyond a simple extension. Down below, I have illustrated some of the best.

Power Brush

For me, two of the more annoying places to vacuum are on the stairs and bed. It’s possible to accomplish cleaning them with a standard vacuum, but it’s not easy. This is where one attachment comes in handy: the power brush. Due to its compact size and rotating bristles, you can easily get a fantastic clean on these surfaces. I suppose, though, you could use this attachment on any small surface.

Crevice Tool

One of the more common attachments is the crevice tool. While you may not recognize the name, if you have used vacuum attachments in the past then you have probably used it. Basically, they are perfect for getting into corners of your home, in between your couch cushions, and any extremely tight spaces. For my money, a crevice tool is absolutely essential to have with every vacuum.

Pet Groomers

I don’t have a pet that needs groomed, but if you do then this attachment can be very useful. Let’s say that you are sick and tired of your pet constantly shedding, you may want to vacuum them. I know, this sounds like something out of a torture movie. But, as long as your pet isn’t terrified by loud noises this attachment will allow you to groom them.

Bare Floor Brush

As many of you are aware, you can clean hardwood floors with vacuums. All you need to do is have the correct setting applied. However, a bare floor brush will do a much better job. This specific attachment has wide, stiff bristles that will remove a majority of the tough grit present on tiles and hardwood floors. Whenever I look down at my tile floor as compared to my carpet, I see more particles and dust on the carpet. What this tool allows is for you to clean the “unseen” materials on your floors.

Ceiling Fan Attachments

I have always found that the top of ceiling fan blades is the hardest spot to vacuum. Depending on how high your ceiling is, this can be close to impossible. With the help of ceiling fan attachments, this is significantly easier. Either way, you may need a ladder to accomplish this feat but this attachment will assist you regardless.

Oh yes, my friends, there is more to vacuums than what meets the eye. However, before you enjoy these attachments you should get yourself an elite vacuum cleaner. If you head on over to Vacuum Seek, who outline the top 5 vacuums for carpet (among other things), you will find the best of the best. Then, you can begin enjoying all of these extras.

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